Tournament Directors:  Lynn Fraser and Didi Martin

The Winners

Mens Doubles 3.5, age 60 plus

Gold: Steve Schaumleffel and Brian Wold
Silver: Dick Paul and Frank Gonzales
Bronze: Jack Schryer and Rick Hetke

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Age 60 plus

Gold: Molly Morris and Steve Schaumleffel
Silver: Marilyn Duncan and Curt Clawson
Bronze: Anita Lehrer and Jack Schryer

Wonens Doubles 3.0 all ages

Gold: Judy Bacich and Marilee Swanson
Silver: Lori Schaumleffel and Gay Wold
Bronze: Mary Ann VanWoerkom and Susan Hetke

Mens Doubles 3.5, age 70 plus

Gold: Bud Knudtson and Gerry Gates
Silver:Pete Frantti and Ed Dillon
Bronze: Tom Jasper and Ron Dilbeck

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Age 70 plus

Gold: Didi Martin and Pete Frantti
Silver: Mary Keaney and Brian Wold
Bronze: Carol Nakao and Ed Dillion

Womens Doubles 2.5 Age 60 plus

Gold: Brenda Cook and Vicki Balderama

Mens Doubles 3.5, age 80 plus

Gold: Bill Borge and Don Neumeier
Silver: Jim Pulliam and Wayne Schmeck
Bronze: Don Robinson and Norm Seidenverg

Mixed Doubles 4.0 all ages

Gold: Andrea Mayorga and Russ Grover
Silver: Judy Musgrave and Roland Lee
Bronze: Rita Weighall and LeRoy Weighall

Womens Doubles 3.5 Age 70 plus

Gold: Didi Martin and Elizabeth Mallin
Silver: Carol Nakao and Marilyn Catania
Brionze: Young Hur and Sully Hannah 

Mens Doubles 4.0, age 55 to 69

Gold: Leroy Weighall and Mike Irwin
Silver: Tom Qualick and John Kirkwood
Bronze: Mike McElroy and Jim Kiley

Mens Singles 3.0, all ages

Gold: Pat Garcia
Silver: David Bacon
Bronze: Ron Dilbeck

Womens Doubles 4.5 Age 55 to 69

Gold: Andrea Mayorga and Judy Musgrave
Silver: Rita Weighall and Sue Oconnell
Bronze: Mary Keaney and Karen Goeman

Mens Doubles 4.0, age 70 plus

Gold: DJ Cox and Cal Meissen
Silver:Terry Tibbetts and Ron Greeno
Bronze: Craig Fraser and Mike Hilton

Mens Singles 3.5 - 4-5, all ages

Gold: Leroy Weighall
Silver: Terry Tibbetts
Bronze: Richard Norman


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