Drop-In Play Procedure

Beginner Drop-in play is available daily on the lower courts

Single Drop-in play is available daily on the upper courts

Check the daily court schedules for the drop-in play time periods.

The Club will monitor drop-in activity, and may adjust the number of courts available from time-to-time.

SIGN-UP BOARD Procedure:

1.     Players will write their names and time in the box on the sign-up board immediately below the last player listed. Each player must write his or her own name on the sign-up board. You cannot enter your name into a new box until the preceding box has four names in it.

2.     When a court becomes free, the four players in the next box on the sign-up board will write in the box the court number on which they will be playing, and draw a line through that box. Players will exit the court after one game to 11, win by 2, unless there is no player waiting.

3.     After exiting, a player may write his or her name again below the last player listed on the sign-up board, if they wish to continue to play.

4.     You must play with the next available players, or you must remove your name from the sign-up board.

When reservation players are nearing the end of their reserved time and when the next time slot is for drop-in play, those players MUST prepare to exit the court at five minutes before the end of their reserved time. This applies even if the court will be empty waiting for drop-in players to arrive. Those exiting the courts may add their names on the drop-in play sign-up board.

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