Why we use a Registration Code

When creating an event, such as a class, for a particular date, the question arises as to when to allow registration to start.  Recognizing that some of our members work, and many play in the mornings, the ideal time to open registration is at noon (sometimes 7 PM) on a Saturday before the class.  The use of a registration code is necessary due to limitations in this system. 

This system does not allow us to set the date or time that registration opens.  Registration for the event is opened by setting the event's registration status to "open".  Therefore to open registration at noon on a Saturday requires someone to do it at noon on the Saturday.  This is very inconvenient, but fortunately there is another way to do it.

 The system allows setting a registration code for the event.  Once the code is set for the event, the registration status can be set to "open" but nobody can register because they do not know the code.  An email containing the code is scheduled to be sent at noon on the Saturday.  Upon receipt of the email and its code, members can register for the event.

If the class is for members having a specific skill level, the registration email is only sent to the members having that skill level in their profile.  For example, if you are interested in a class for 2.5 skill level, but your profile does not have your skill level at 2.5, you will not get the registration email.  If you don't get the email, do not get the code from someone and register.  Registrations are checked for validity and invalid registrations are canceled.

 NOTE:  Some events may not require a registration code.  The event description will state if a registration code is required, and when the email containing the code will be sent.

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