Why we use a Registration Code

The use of a registration code is necessary due to a couple of quirks in this system: 

1.  In the system, a "member" can be active (paid up dues) or lapsed (has not renewed).  Restricting an event to "Members Only" would include both.  To only allow active members, we require a registration code for a member to register.  The email containing the registration code is sent only to active members, or, in the case of a class, to active members who have the skill level for the event.

2.  The system does not allow us to set the time that registration opens; just the date.  This means that registration opens at 12:01 am on the date.  This would give an unfair advantage to night owls, especially since class size is limited.  So, we need a way to set the time.  We do this by scheduling the registration email containing the registration code to go out at a particular time on the date registration opens.

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