Manage Your Registrations

The club's web site is structured for members to be able to manage their registrations for classes or other events by themselves. From previous experience, requests for cancellation and no-shows have been a problem. 

Only the member and site administrator (me) can cancel the member's registration.  Don't bother asking anyone else, and only ask me if you have really, really tried unsuccessfully. 

No-shows have to stop.  A no-show denies a waitlisted member the opportunity to attend the class.

Use the help documents to learn how to register for an event, view your registrations and cancel a registration. Consider using the Wild Apricot for members app.  

The Wild Apricot for members app, available from the App Store (hereor Google Play Store (heredepending on your phone or tablet, is very easy to use.  Once you log in on the app you don't have to log in next time you use it.  And, it travels with you.  I highly recommend it if you have a smartphone or tablet.

The instructions in the help documents available here each have three parts:

Part 1:  How to register for an event
Part 2:  How to check which events you are registered in (especially useful to see if you made it off the waitlist)
Part 3:  How to cancel an event registration
The available help documents are:
  • If you are using an iPhone or iPad, download this one.
  • If your phone or tablet uses the Android operating system (i.e. is not an iPhone or iPad), download this one.
  • If you are using the web site, download this one.

Classes fill up quickly and usually have a waitlist.  Have consideration for those on the waitlist. Cancel the registration as soon as you know you cannot attend the event.  Then the next person on the waitlist will automatically take your place.  And note:

Event organizers cannot cancel your registration.  Don't bother contacting them - do it yourself. 

Event organizers cannot remove you from a waitlist.  Send a removal request to me at

Manage your registrations and don't be a no-show!  

Let's be considerate of our members and our volunteer class instructors and event organizers.

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