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Court use and reservations limited to Residents only 

NOTE: You must register at HoldMyCourt to use the HoldMyCourt reservation systemHoldMyCourt is not part of this website!

Click HERE to register or reserve a court at HoldMyCourt

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For Association Pickleball COVID Protocols, click here.

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Map of all 13 courts with court numbers: click Here


UPDATED 1/31/21

Beginning soon

Free for all club members interested in participating in club instructional classes, club skill drill classes and skill based club events.

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The Help Menu

If you have a question about how to do something it may be explained under the Help menu.  If there is something we should add, let us know by sending an email.  Click here to send the email.

Request Courts for an Event

Planning an event and need to reserve courts?  Download this application form and submit it to the email address on the form for approval by our Board.

"Ask the Ref" - A NEW Feature

You can direct a question to Andrea Mayorga, our USAPA Certified Referee.  The question and answer will be posted on the Ask the Ref web page.

Court Reservations

We are using a reservation system called Hold My Court. You can learn to use and register for this system using the links in the yellow box under the picture. 

This reservation system is available to all residents. Prime Time play will be from 8am - 12pm daily. The courts are available for play until 10pm when the lights shut off automatically. Please remember, there are no guests, including family/grandchildren at this time. 

Looking for Playing Partners?

Check out the PlayTime SchedulerOr, log in to HoldMyCourt and use its Partner Search feature.

The "Intro to Pickleball” class requires reservations! 

This class is to introduce brand new players to pickleball and only 8 spots are available at this time. Send an email to Lynn Fraser for a reservation. Paddles and balls are provided. Wear court shoes. Bring your own water and sanitizer.

Interested in your Skill Rating?

Read about the LHPB Club Rating Proposal.  Send any questions to Rita Weighall.

How to Learn to Play Pickleball - click here

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