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Please Note: HoldMyCourt is NOT part of this website.  It is a separate website owned by another organization. Your login email and password used to log in to this website is not passed to the HoldMyCourt website.

General Guidelines For Court Reservations

  • Court reservations are available to all Sun City Lincoln Hills residents
  • Any court that does not show a club activity may be reserved
  • Each resident may make one prime time and one non-prime time reservation in a day, and each resident may only play once during prime time and once during non-prime time in a day. (See the last bullet point for an exception to this rule.) Prime time slots are color-coded as either gold or orange.

  • Reservations open at 8:30pm every night. A court may be reserved for up to 3 days in advance.
  • The night before scheduled play, starting at 8:30 pm, players may reserve any time slot/court that is not already reserved. This means players may play more than twice per day as long as there are available courts. Reservations are still required.

To reserve a court you must register your account at be sure to make note of your username and password!  For further details and questions, see

How to Register Your Account at HoldMyCourt

Go to 

Click on “Sign in or Register” link at the top left of the page. 
Fill in the “New Registration” section.
Click on “Register.” 

Your password will be sent to the email address you entered. Once you have your password set, enter your email and password in the “Sign In” form at the top of the page. 

Reserving a Court at HoldMyCourt 

If you are playing as a foursome and you have determined all four players, choose ONE person from the group to make the reservation.  Go to and log in.

  1. In the Day Menu Bar, click on the day you would like to reserve a court.  Times available will be shown on the calendar. 
  2. Select the time and the court you on which you would like to play. The courts are color-coded by times available.  Red is for drop-ins. Gold is for 60-minute play and orange is for 90-minute play. 
  3. The name of the person reserving the court will appear.  Click "Submit".
  4. Click on the court you reserved.  Enter the other three names of your foursome.  Use a space between names. E.g. John Doe MMouse DDuck IDink.  DO NOT enter anything other than a space between names (no commas, colons, etc.) Click "Submit".  Your foursome will now appear on the calendar on the day and court you selected.

If all names are not entered within 5 minutes, your reservation will be deleted by the site administrator.

Singles play is permitted during non-prime time. If you are playing Singles: enter your name, the person you are playing with and the word "Singles". E.g., John Doe MMouse Singles

Drilling with less than four players is permitted during non-prime time. If you are drilling or otherwise playing with two other players, enter all three names and the word "Drills". E.g., Clark Kent LLane PWhite Drills

Using a ball machine on a court is permitted during non-prime time. If using a ball machine: enter your name and words "Ball Machine". E.g., Jane Doe Ball Machine. 

Residents/members not following these policies will be subject to restrictions. 

If you need to cancel or change the reservation, click on your name, then click DELETE this reservation. 

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