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  • The continued increase in pickleball’s popularity has led to more interactions between Club members and other residents, guests and non-residents. These interactions must always be courteous and helpful. To do otherwise may damage the Club’s relations with fellow residents, the Association and the surrounding community.

    It is crucial to the continued success and growth of our Club that each member remain true to the Club’s guiding principle: we are in this to have fun, support each other, and promote the sport to all. Remember this spirt, rejoice in the pleasure it provides, and always have it uppermost in your minds while on the courts.

    Rules related to the use of Association property, including the pickleball courts, are developed by or with the approval of the Association. The Club can create and enforce its own rules during Club events only, such as ladder play, tournaments and training classes. All rules related to open play (drop-in and reservable courts) are determined by the Association.

    It is the responsibility of Association staff to enforce their rules related to Association property. Individual residents have neither the authority nor responsibility to enforce those rules.

    If a resident sees the actions of others that could harm Association property or residents, then it would be appropriate to immediately contact Association staff or our security service to report the actions. For continued apparent but less serious rule infractions, it would be appropriate for a resident to make the situation known to Association staff and let them resolve it. 

    Association staff contact: Deborah McIlvain, 916-625-4031
    Curator Security: 916-771-7185

    Of course, at any time there is an emergency, you should contact the Lincoln Police Department at either 916-645-4040 or dial 911.

    If a resident deems it prudent to talk to someone at the courts about an Association rule, it should be from a welcoming and helpful point of view. Consider it an opportunity to make a friend, and not an enemy. In such a situation, if there was any resistance at all to the overture, then the resident should immediately wish them a good day and walk away.

    There is a limited amount of authority to enforce some Association rules that has been delegated to assigned Club members. This includes drop-in court monitors and Hold My Court site administrators. Even in those cases, the assigned Club members enforcing the rules should do so in a very friendly way.

    SCLH Rules for Guest Use of Association Facilities

    A Resident may have sixty accompanied Guest Passes per household per year. After sixty visits have been used, more accompanied Guest passes can be purchased by the Resident sponsors in the WellFit centers only.

    Unaccompanied Guest Pass Cards can be purchased from the WellFit Centers by Residents for their Guests to use Association facilities. These unaccompanied Guest Passes have an expiration date. An unaccompanied Guest Pass Card for the Sports Plaza must be purchased the day it will be used. Unaccompanied Guest Pass Cards are not counted towards the sixty free accompanied visits. Unaccompanied Guests must have an unaccompanied Guest Pass Card, and will be expected to show their Guest Pass Card prior to using any Association facility.

    At all Sports Plaza Facilities including pickleball courts, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a Resident, or an adult with a valid Unaccompanied Guest Pass Card.

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