Court Etiquette and Safety

These Guidelines have been established to provide an environment in which all players can play the game to the best of their abilities and enjoy themselves while playing. Club members, guests and other Lincoln Hills residents are expected to follow these Guidelines.

Etiquette On the Courts

    1. Treat all players with courtesy and respect.
    2. Good sportsmanship should be the rule during play and spectating. Argumentative or hostile play is unacceptable.
    3. The primary purpose of the game is to have fun and improve your game.
    4. Know and follow the rules of the game and COVID Protocols.
    5. Line calls belong to the players on the side where the ball landed. It makes no difference what you believe - it is their call.
    6. If you or your partner has a kitchen or serving fault - call it. Be cautious about calling faults against your opponents.
    7. Avoid the use of profanity and derogatory language as both are unacceptable.

Safety Practices

    1. Your safety and that of others is imperative. Avoid overly aggressive play.
    2. Don't use courts if conditions are unsafe.
    3. Play with proper, non marking court shoes.
    4. It is recommended that eye protection be worn to safeguard eyes during play.
    5. When going backwards for a lob, turn and run toward the ball. Do not back-up in an attempt to be successful.
    6. Communicate with your partner and avoid contact.
    7. If a fall occurs - stop play to assess situation. Do the play over if game can continue.
    8. Stop play immediately if a ball or other object comes on the court.
    9. Don't overplay your current physical condition.
    10. If you perceive a player is displaying medical distress such as signs of dizziness, weakness, or lack of concentration - keep an eye out and recommend a time-out. If necessary, seek help from our many medical professionals who may be on the courts.

All Club members agree to abide by these Guidelines upon joining the Club and when renewing annual membership. Failure to adhere to these Guidelines may result in disciplinary action against the Club member as described under the adopted Club Policies and Procedures.

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